Space Logistics and Transportation Services Leader D-Orbit Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Caps Decade with Dozens of Successful Customer Payloads Delivered

COMO, Italy, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — D-Orbit, the global market leader in the space logistics and transportation service industry, celebrated its 10-year anniversary this month, capping a remarkable decade for the company. Founded in 2011 by CEO Luca Rossettini and CCO Renato Panesi, before the dawn of the New Space market, D-Orbit has continuously brought innovation to a space industry that is still in its infancy and one that has been predicted to generate revenues of $1.4 trillion or more by 2030, up from $424 billion in 20191.

“D-Orbit was founded with a long-term vision of creating the space infrastructure necessary to support human expansion and I’m incredibly proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish in just a few years,” said D-Orbit CEO Luca Rossettini. “Earth would not be what it is today without the logistics companies leading the way, and so we’re replicating that successful model in space to enable the growth of the space market, from space debris removal, to satellite transportation, to in-orbit servicing and beyond. We look forward to the next decade and are excited about the future of the company and of the Space industry.”

Throughout its 10-year history, D-Orbit has achieved a variety of milestones, including:

  • 2013: First launch to orbit
  • 2015: Became the first private company to provide effective solutions for end-of-life satellite management
  • 2017: Launched the first satellite with decommissioning service on board
  • 2017: Tested its satellite-as-a-service business model with its AURORA mission control software
  • 2020: Became the first private company to operate a cargo spacecraft in orbit
  • 2020: Became the first private company to deliver a satellite for a customer into a precise operational slot
  • 2021: Reached 44 payloads successfully brought to space

In the U.S., D-Orbit plans to continue to build its presence and make key hires to support the company’s expansion in 2021. It is a key market for the company and one it plans to make a commitment to in the near future.

D-Orbit has a rich heritage and history of firsts with a long-term vision of human expansion into sustainable space. The company’s forward-thinking view has enabled it to consistently create solutions for its customers that save them money and time. D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier, for example, is a cargo spacecraft that can transport satellites in orbit and release them individually into distinct orbital slots, reducing the time from launch to operations by up to 85% and the launch costs of an entire satellite constellation by up to 40%.

As D-Orbit looks ahead to the future, the company is already developing and testing new technologies aimed at extending the life of the satellites in orbit, active debris removal, interplanetary space logistics, and more, laying out the foundations of an infrastructure that will broaden humankind’s opportunities to operate in space and colonize the solar system.

About D-Orbit
D-Orbit is the global market leader in the space logistics and transportation services industry with a track record of space-proven technologies, successful missions, and customer outcomes. The company has developed proprietary space logistics technology and transportation solutions to accelerate the growth and development of a trillion-dollar space economy, and has already successfully delivered 44 payloads into space for its customers while developing advanced products and services for the needs of tomorrow. For more information, please visit

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