Kratos: A Cup of Tea?

Volatility Watch

Kratos 7-6-19 Weekly Chart by follow_the_money on


  • It appears over the period of several years a large cup is forming on the weekly chart. The left side of the cup is just above $30, leaving upside from the $24 current price.
  • Weekly volume is decreasing, notably this most recent week having very little volume (albeit a holiday week) suggesting buyers may be drying up
  • RSI is well above 70, a traditional signal of an overbought signal
  • OBV trend indicator appears to be lagging, concurring with the decreased volume despite significant price appreciation

Kratos is a defense contractor company specializing in unmanned aerial drones and other electronic services. The defense sector may be volatile with the upcoming democratic debates if the topic of defense spending is discussed. However, geopolitical events including unrest in the middle east (Iran) continues, defense companies may continue to run.

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