H160: A digital ambition

Increased safety

Monitoring airworthiness is another benefit of this digitalisation process. From the logcards (parts identification) and logbooks (maintenance book) to the Fleet monitoring application, the entire maintenance and airworthiness chain has been digitalised. There is no more manual data entry, which proved to be a source of errors. During its initial design, the H160 was also equipped from the outset with a HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) fully integrated into the maintenance concept, which is now an essential standard for an aircraft in this category. With the Flight Analyser and Flyscan services, the sharing and analysis of flight and aircraft data also enables operational events to be taken into account and maintenance procedures to be better adjusted to the real needs of the aircraft. The outcome is two-fold: increased flight safety and reduced operating costs.

Lastly, from the preparation of their mission to the management of the flight, the crew benefits immensely from the digitalisation process. The fully certified digital flight manual gives the crew all the information about the performance of the aircraft in accordance with the conditions on the day, the options, the desired flight profile, etc. There’s no need to juggle several flight charts.

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