Cybersecurity Pioneer Cyemptive Technologies Cautions Entities About the Depth and Breadth of the Recent SolarWinds Cyber Incident; Provides First Reliable Solution to Address Such Invasive Attacks

SNOHOMISH, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#borderpatrol–Cyemptive Technologies, Inc., a provider of preemptive cybersecurity products and technology and winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s national competition for most innovative border security-related solution in the market, today cautioned entities about the ongoing scale and breadth of the recent SolarWinds cyber incident, announcing that it provides the first reliable solution to address such invasive attacks by providing actual preemptive cyber breach prevention.

Austin, Texas-based SolarWinds sells Orion software that provides monitoring and management of an organization’s computer networks. Hackers inserted malicious code into Orion software and around 18,000 SolarWinds customers installed the tainted update onto their systems, the company said. The compromised update has had a sweeping impact, the scale of which keeps growing as new information emerges.

“The continuously increasing level and sophistication of cyber breaches demonstrated by the SolarWinds incident indicates that even companies at the highest level have serious cyber problems, even when deploying existing AI and behavioral detection technologies,” said author, speaker and ethical hacker Brian Seeley, Cyemptive’s Senior Security Architect. “In spite of these efforts, the scale of the attacks continues to expand. For instance, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported an over 300% increase in the number of complaints per day during 2020 compared to pre COVID-19 reporting.”

“The question being asked is how are these breaches occurring in a supposedly cyber protected environment, but more importantly, how can we stop it?” said Rob Pike, CEO and founder of Cyemptive. “You need to ask yourself: ‘Do I believe my current level of cyber protection is truly keeping me secure?”

Cyemptive’s award-winning technology protects against SolarWinds and other hacking events by preempting threats before they can jeopardize the system. Cyemptive’s flagship CyberSlice© is “human-less” technology rapidly and effortlessly removing known and unknown threats in seconds. Cyemptive’s CyberScan technology scans the state of the environment to detect encryption and stop ransomware and many other forms of malware before they become a problem. Integrated together, Cyemptive’s technology delivers measurable results and enables it to provide seconds-based performance guarantees for its customers.

To help entities protect themselves against possible SolarWinds cyber attacks, Cyemptive will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, January 26, from 10-11 am PST. The webinar will be moderated by Cyemptive CEO Rob Pike and ethical hacker Bryan Seeley, who will share what actually occurred during the recently discovered SolarWinds hacking event. Cyemptive will outline how organizations are impacted if they were using SolarWinds’ assessment and protection tools, and what they need to do immediately and in the longer term to ensure they are protected. The session will conclude with an interactive Q & A to address their specific concerns.

Registration for the event is free of charge. For more information, including how to register, please click here.

“Attend the Webinar to learn how Cyemptive’s pre-emptive, seconds-based detection and isolation technology with guaranteed SLA’s can truly protect you from infiltration, including new, unknown zero-day attacks,” said Seely. “It all starts with deeply understanding how to first protect your platform architecture and then it goes to the actual demonstrated effectiveness of the feature and functionality of the cyber security solutions being used within the platform architecture.”

About Cyemptive Technologies

Founded in 2014, Cyemptive is a provider of preemptive cybersecurity products and technology. With a leadership team comprised of executives from several of the world’s most powerful technology and security organizations, including the former CIO of Microsoft and the former Chief Computer Architect for the National Security Agency, the company’s focus is on delivering an alternative approach to security. It is the winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s Border Security Technology Consortium (BSTC) competition for most innovative border security-related solution in the market. More information about Cyemptive Technologies is available at


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