Curtiss-Wright Provides Update on AP1000 Reactor Coolant Pumps

April 01, 2019

Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced the following in
response to a media report discussing a potential issue with one of the
reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) at the Sanmen 2 AP1000 nuclear reactor in

  • Curtiss-Wright has learned that one of the four reactor coolant pumps
    located at the Sanmen 2 reactor in China unexpectedly tripped and shut
    down upon the detection of a reactor coolant pump fault.
  • At this time, the root-cause of this situation, presently limited to a
    single RCP, is unknown and we are in the process of evaluating the
    cause(s) in conjunction with Westinghouse and China. There are many
    situations that could possibly cause this type of an issue and the
    root cause will not be determined until the investigation is complete.
  • Regarding the RCP located at Sanmen 2:

    • The RCP in question was fully assembled and tested, completely
      air-tight and water-tight, and deemed to be fully operational when
      it left our Cheswick, PA plant.
    • All of the required testing was successfully completed before it
      left the U.S.
    • Based on what we know today, CW’s legal liability, if any, is
      limited to the cost of repairing a part, up to the cost of
      replacing a part or the entire RCP.
  • After arriving in China, all 16 RCPs passed the required tests, which
    were signed off by the Chinese customer. The plants were later deemed
    to have achieved commercial operation.
  • In addition to the four RCPs at Sanmen 2, there are 12 RCPs currently
    operating in the other AP1000 plants at Sanmen and Haiyang in China.

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