Airbus brings satellite imaging down to Earth for sustainable farming

Farmstar’s impressive performance amid COVID-19 was underscored by Marie-Jeanne Romelot of AXEREAL, a French-based customer: “When the lockdown started, we ‘leapt into the unknown’ together with the Farmstar team – literally overnight – without rehearsal, without development meetings, without operating instructions.”

Working together, a strategy was developed on the best way to deliver the Farmstar insight and guidance, ensuring that inputs from the various stakeholders were taken into account, Romelot explained.

She concluded: “We started two months late on sowing, and finished one week ahead of the final deliveries: a record! Congratulations to the Farmstar team for the work accomplished under these exceptional conditions!”

With 20 years of research and development – including nearly 15 years of marketing – Farmstar has earned its position as the French leader of nitrogen management tools – combining remote sensing and agronomics.

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